Sport is a transformative force in life that I have personally experienced many times. My motivation is to share this enthusiasm, like a small Olympic flame that I pass on to you!

As a personal trainer and athletic coach, I will support you along the way to your personalized health and performance goals. I have completed medical studies and continued educational training in the areas of fitness, medicine, diet and relaxation which provide the foundation for quality-oriented training and coaching. For many years I too worked in classical “stress jobs” including several leading positions. Therefore, I know how valuable your time is and how vital it is to spend it in a meaningful way.

I am looking forward to doing something for the most important relationship in your life:
your relationship with yourself!

Your Integrity Trainer
Dr. Fabian Allmacher

  • Professional activities and references


    As an educator, I share my knowledge in Germany as well as internationally and train generations of future trainer’s in a multitude of disciplines, such as Master Trainer for BodyART® and deepWORK®, as well as 4D Pro Master Instructor and Mobility Expert. I support business customers with health concepts and accompany them as an expert consultant at events. Read more about it under business customers! I also work for a renowned sports academy (the Sportlerei) along with numerous other fitness studios in and around Munich.

  • Qualifications


    Regrettably, the professional title “Personal Trainer” is still not subject to a defined quality standard. Here you can get a precise picture of my qualifications. After all, you are entrusting me with the development of your most valuable asset: Your health and well-being.

    Through my work as Quality Management Representative for the health and social sector (TÜV Süd [Technical Inspection Association South]) I gained extensive experience in the quality assessment of processes, and helped with their planning and implementation. You profit directly from this knowledge, because I use the same criteria when planning a training program for you!

    Here you find a PDF with selected qualifications and the QM certificate from TÜV Süd.

  • Quotes


    “What I particularly appreciate about Fabian, is that he imparts his knowledge in a natural and professional way. He is open to new ideas but stands to his opinion and is extremely conscientious and dependable – and still always innovative and helpful. A combination of qualities rarely found in the fitness industry. Everyone working with him can count himself lucky and rest assured that he is receiving the highest quality!”

    Jutta Schuhn – Sport science graduate, dance therapist, Reebok master trainer

    “Fabian is a colleague that advocates uncompromising quality like no other. He has the courage to innovatively change direction in the interest of the customer, which, again, sets him apart from the wide field of personal trainers. He is my go-to address in Munich for the exchange of knowledge in the field of fitness and conditioning. He is not only a trainer but also a teacher, whose pleasant style enhances the quality of life of his customers. His competence and refreshing personality make him one of the leading experts of our 4D PRO team of lecturers.“

    Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharai, physician and sport sciencentist, founder of the German Academy of Applied Sports Medicine (GAASM), team doctor and fitness coach for national teams in various kinds of sports (e.g. for Jürgen Klinsmann and Team USA in preparation for the FIFA WM 2014), guest speaker and presenter at international congresses and summits

    “Since 2013, Fabian has been an international master trainer and instructor for bodyART® and deepWORK®. He is distinguished by his humaneness and professionalism and guides prospective trainers skillfully and in a charming way through their education. His great openness and easy-going nature make him incredibly popular. Thanks to his warm-heartedness, his attention to detail and his helpful and accommodating manner, Fabian is a true asset for our team!
    It is rare indeed to find people with such an extensive knowledge who are still down to earth and easy to approach – a gem in the fast-paced fitness scene and an enrichment for bodyART® and deepWORK®!”

    Robert Steinbacher, Inventor of the bodyART® and deepWORK® training concept, international choreographer

    “Fabian is a stroke of luck for me. He puts his heart and souls in supporting me in dealing with my chronic illness. The exercises are a perfect fit, since he always knows exactly which ones I need. He demands more then I would give without him, but he immediately adjusts his requests when one struggles too much. Without Fabian, I would no longer be so fit nor so positive. I am very glad that I can train with him. And I hope it stays that way for a very long time.”

    Personal training customer H.S., 53 years old, suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2010

    “Having been forced to stop sports completely after an injury, I tried many different things to become pain free again. However, nothing really worked. After one and a half years, I met Fabian and started training with him. He helped me a lot, both with his wide repertoire and his motivational guidance. Now I am free of pain again – and we aren’t done yet! Thank you, Fabian.”

    Maximilian F., 33 years old, personal training client

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    Conventions, education, events and lectures:
    This is where you can find me when I am not instructing personal training sessions. If you have any questions or requests please contact me via my contact from.