As an Integrity Trainer, a holistic approach in the areas of exercise, nutrition and relaxation is important to me. For this reason, I offer a widely diversified range of state of the art services.

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  • Personal Training

    As part of your Integrity Training, I start with gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current fitness status in order to establish a benchmark. Therefore, cooperation always starts with a movement screening (anamnesis). It aids me in better understanding your personal strengths, weaknesses and physical limitations, which enables me to develop a training plan specifically tailored to meet your needs. Workouts and routines that include strength, endurance, stretching, yoga and relaxation techniques are part of this plan. Achieving noticeable improvement with each training session should be our common goal! The long-term perspective is that you simply feel better in your body, enjoy challenging it – and in so doing, trust it 100%.


  • Athletic Coaching

    Are you a competitive athlete and would like to improve your performance or your game? I will provide you with individualized training so that you can finally fully reach your athletic potential and minimize injury risks – regardless of the kind of sport you practice. In the course of your training, I incorporate modern aspects of biomechanics, sports medicine and rehabilitation sciences. My medical background provides you with the assurance that you engage in sensible training also in terms of your health. Coaching includes all dimensions of fitness that are important for you, individually combined in your Integrity Plan:

    • Speed training
    • Mobility training specific to your sport
    • Coordination training
    • Strength and total body training
    • Endurance training


  • Rehabilitation and prehab

    Rehabilitation training starts with a gait analysis and a comprehensive screening to evaluate cause and effect of your movement pattern and imbalances along the kinetic chain. Based on the observations made, I then develop an individual training program to restore your motor skills.

    Tools from my rehab tool box:

    • Soft tissue work (manual therapy techniques, specific taping techniques) to restore mobility
    • Active release techniques
    • 3D exercises for strengthening, mobility training, flexibility training, balance training and endurance

    Frequent disorders I have experience in treating:

    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tendinitis (inflammation of e.g. the achilles’ tendon or the biceps tendon etc.)
    • Jumper’s knee
    • ITB (ilio-tibialis band) syndrome
    • Shin splints
    • Injuries/degeneration of the spine (e.g. herniated disc)
    • Shoulder impingement
    • Tennis elbow
    • Neck tensions
    • Neurological disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s patients)

    Of course, this is just a selection of my services in this area. It would be best to explore together in a personal interview, how I can support you in your challenges!

  • Mobility and release

    Optimal functional mobility is the basis for maximally effective performance. That is the key in every-day life, athletic training and competition. I offer you targeted training activities for the restoration of mobility and help you to improve joint mobility as well as to move more efficiently. Your “Aha-Effect” is that you learn to correct improper movement patterns, allowing you to move without pain again. Regular mobility training is also essential for the prevention of injuries. Aside from integrated exercises, I will show you manual techniques and offer manual support during execution.

  • Nutrition

    “You are what you eat.” A cliché indeed – but with a kernel of truth. Because you need the right nutrition concept to make your Integrity Plan complete; it helps you to achieve a more dynamic, energetic attitude towards life. Proper nutrition also brings out your top performance, in case you are a professional athlete. Our food, is quite literally, our fuel. Depending on its composition, it will make us more fit, more awake, faster – or more lethargic and slower. I know how hard it is to let go of favorite habits, especially when it comes to our diet. But it is worth it: Pretty soon your body will be longing on its own for the better “fuel”. I will help you to acquire a taste. Possible priorities are:

    • Weight optimization
    • Diet for rehabilitation after injuries
    • Diet for performance oriented (competition) athletes
  • Stress management

    Hardly a person out there wouldn’t answer the question: “Do you suffer from stress?” with “Yes”. The reasons for stress are quite diverse; they may even seem contrary: underchallenged or excessive demands (bore out and burn out), drastic experiences in our private or professional life or even the question about the meaningfulness of our activities. I offer you – gladly in cooperation with therapists – assistance with “self-help” and support you with targeted relaxation techniques and forms of training to reintegrate and calm the body and mind. A precise anamnesis and a health-conscious diet also help to reduce and even eliminate burdensome stress. Physical symptoms (like back pain) and blockages are relieved; you regain your focus and learn to tackle your problems more relaxed but also more concentrated in the future.